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If you wish to be featured on @triumphracing follow our simple guidelines:

1. Send us your #triumphracing pictures by email at triumphracing@outlook.com and tell us something about yourself, your bike, your country, the name of the racetrack etc.

2. You can send us as many pictures or videos as you want, make sure you send only your favorite ones and also be certain that your content is 100% #triumphracing

3. Make sure you own the original unedited high resolution file* of the #triumphracing picture you wish to be featured.

* We can only feature high resolution files, minimum requested size is 1MB, not any lower. Unedited means that the picture has to retain the original colors, no filters & no alterations whatsoever, no cropping and no watermarks. You can credit the photographer later in the comments.

Keep in mind that it takes time to process every picture we receive, eventually (if you correctly followed our guidelines) your picture will be displayed on Triumph Racing.

If you can’t match our guidelines you can always upload content YOURSELF on the “visitor wall” of our Facebook page.

We don’t do REPOSTS, we don’t share pictures submitted via DM, we don’t do “SHOUTOUTS”.

If you have any question feel free to CONTACT us by email.