How to be featured on Triumph Racing:

1. Make sure you own the original unedited high resolution file* of the #triumphracing picture you wish to be featured.

2. Send us an email at triumphracing@outlook.com with your picture attached and tell us a bit about yourself, your bike, your country, the name of the racetrack etc.

* We can only feature high resolution files, minimum requested size is 1MB, not any lower. Unedited means that the picture has to retain the original colors, no filters & no alterations whatsoever, no cropping and no watermarks. You can credit the photographer later in the comments.

These guideline are intended for Instagram and Facebook features on our main wall.

If you don’t own the requested high resolution file or if you have a watermarked picture you can always upload yourself the content on the “visitor posts” wall of our Facebook page.

Keep in mind that we don’t do reposts, we are here to build the best #triumphracing gallery in the world and to make your picture skyrocket every #triumph related hashtag.